Advancing Academic Discoveries in Neuroscience. Together.

SPARK NS two-year, immersive translational research programs eliminate barriers to success.


Our vision

Every person with a neurological disorder has safe and effective treatments and cures.
Drug development is hard!

We fill gaps in knowledge and know-how

We bring academic researchers together to learn from their peers and industry experts and put aside competing interests for the benefit of patients.

From Lab To Clinic

All the resources you need

Our programs help academic principal investigators advance therapeutic discoveries at any stage between target identification and entry into clinical trials.



Up to $2,000,0001,2 over two years


Training and skills development


50+ industry expert advisors


Opportunities and introductions


A model that works

SPARK NS programs use a translational research model with an unprecedented 50%3 success rate developed and refined at Stanford University School of Medicine since 2006.

Source: Cajal, 1899
New Call for Proposals

SPARK NS 2025 Parkinson’s Disease Translational Research Program

We value diversity and are committed to an inclusive research environment. Applicants from all backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply.

Call for Proposals
  1. Not all funds awarded go directly to PIs’ laboratories. For example, work done by vetted research organizations or academic research facilities will be paid for by SPARK NS directly to the organizations from awarded funds.

  2. SPARK NS does not claim ownership of any IP rights or take a financial stake in commercial products developed during or prior to the program.

  3. Kim, J.S., Kargotich, S., Lee, S.H. et al. SPARKing academic technologies across the valley of death. Nature Biotechnology 42, 339–342 (2024).